Ana Bojinovic Fenko

Professor of International Relations, University of Ljubjana



Ana Bojinović Fenko is Professor and Researcher in International Relations at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Social Sciences. Her fields of Research are Foreign Policy Analysis, International Regionalism and EU external action. Empirically, she focuses on post-Yugoslav small states, EU enlargement policy towards Western Balkans states and the Mediterranean region.

Title of Presentation

Regional practice of the anarchical culture in the Western Balkans: states’ role as enemy, rival, or friend
This contribution will apply Wendt’s (1999) logic of anarchical culture in international politics to the states of the Western Balkans region. Due to the historical recency of the geopolitical phenomenon and external influence in the creation of the Western Balkans region, general historical practices of international politics in the Balkans will also be considered. My contribution aims to assess the logic of culture in the Western Balkans region. Methodologically, the inter-subjective level of regional foreign policy actions and practices, will be analysed concerning their contribution to role internalisation (via fear, price or trust). The particular interest that I will focus on is the simultaneous practice of different roles, contested roles and conflictual actions by individual external and domestic states. An outcome of this contribution will offer an understanding of competing local (intra-state level), regional (inter-state level) and external (outside Western Balkans) representations of state roles and logics of anarchy in the Western Balkans region which bares relevance to non-resolved bilateral disputes, intra-state conflicts of ethnic dimensions, slow progress in EU accession process, etc.
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