Feminist Development Policy

A pathway towards feminist global collaboration
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In Germany and other countries, a debate is emerging around the concept of a Feminist Development Policy. Will it be enough to merely frame international development as feminist to make it less unjust? We don’t think so!

Rather than viewing feminism as an add-on or another mainstreaming item and a requirement we set for “others”, let us seize this opportunity to create a visionary, transformative re-definition of development. Let us learn new ways of working together that are based on solidarity, anti-oppression (with regard to race, gender, ability, class etc), honesty and critical self-reflection.

The recommendations are based on conversations with Shrishtee Bajpai, a researcher from the environmental action group KALPAVRIKSH; Saranel Benjamin, Head of Partnerships at Oxfam Great Britain; and Professor Dr. Aram Ziai who leads the department of Development Policy and Postcolonial Studies at the University of Kassel. What becomes clear from these conversations is that feminist development is not something that is only or primarily necessary “over there” but which practitioners and institutions in the Global North need to use to self-reflect and grapple with how they perpetuate systemic injustices.


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September 2022
Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung, FAIR SHARE of Women Leaders
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